Tuesday, April 1, 2008

being a grownup is highly overrated, if you ask me...

I spent practically the entire day scanning artwork and uploading it to my new online portfolio site, when I coulda been thinking up cool April Fool's Day pranks. What has become of me? Dang. I think I may finally be growing up or something.


  1. yeck! that stuff takes all freaking day! I've been breaking it up into manageable couple hour chunks this week. but tomorrow is the dreaded taxes doing.... turbotax here I come!

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  3. Hey Miss Petunia!

    Finally clicked over from Buenos Burritos. You have a great style! Once upon a time I used to own a gift store with a small pet gift section -- the placemats would have been right up our alley, I think. And is that really what the front of your studio looks like? Covet, covet, covet.

    -- Laurie


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