Saturday, October 12, 2013

are you my mummy?

Friday's Mummy Workshop participants turned out some
fantastic poseable figures...
of course, mucking about with all those raw materials always seems to bring out a little goofiness in the participants, 
which just may have been inspired by the music of
playing on the stereo,
causing a conga line to spontaneously start
snaking around the room.
What a fun group of artists!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hi everyone! Sunday is the last day of this fabulous show at Miller Hall at the World Forestry Center. Over 80 talented women artists are featured (including me)!

Here's a small peek at what you'll find:
Utterly beautiful, sensuous hand painted silk scarves by Cheryl Cameron of Portland...
Soft and drapey, gorgeous handwoven, hand-dyed wraps and scarves by Teresa Ruch...
And teeny tiny one-of-a-kind Fairy couture by yours truly.

This show helps to support not only established local artists, but it is also a fundraiser for emerging artists. Last year over $9,000 in scholarships was awarded to deserving and talented art students. Please come and show your support for the arts!
Click here for more information.