Monday, November 29, 2010

garden art for inside or outside

Artist Roberta Palmer will be bringing her amazingly lifelike leaves to the holiday sale.
A mere slip of a gal, Roberta works in one of the heaviest mediums there is: concrete. She has perfected the laborious art of leaf casting after making many thousands of them from plants she cultivates in her beautiful backyard garden.

What makes Roberta's leaves so realistic is her masterful painting technique and an attention to detail seldom encountered in our fast-paced world.

She also teaches classes in leaf casting. 
We'll have information and class schedules at the Holiday Sale this weekend.

JoanHeart at the holiday sale

JoanHeart is the clothing label of Heidi Hardman and Sandra Loewe, two mamas with a mission to create modern clothing for women and children out of recycled materials. 

Loving the idea of reuse, they began transforming sweaters and shirts into combination pieces with a contemporary twist. The mixing of patterns, color, and fabric allows for a lot of creativity! These one-of-a-kind sweaters look great with jeans or even dressed up with a skirt for work. 

After spending so much care selecting recycled fabrics and materials, they didn’t want to see any waste, and so they naturally started using the leftover fabric from the sweaters to create appliqued t-shirts for women and kids.  Their patterns and motifs are inspired by modern design, organic shapes, and the simplicity of nature.

We love that each is handmade and unique.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of more cool stuff that will be at the sale! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

holiday sale 2010

The Camp Cactus Holiday Sale is next weekend! We'll have lots of cool stuff, all of it handmade by local artists.

Preview Evening: Friday, December 3rd • 6 - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 4th & 5th • 10am - 6pm

NE Brazee @ 45th Avenue in Portland

Stay tuned for a preview of some wonderful art!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

darris dietz

Returning to the Camp Cactus Holiday Sale this year is Darris Dietz, a potter best known for his colorful, sturdy, and incredibly practical bowls and vessels. Darris has been a fixture at Camp Cactus sales for years, and many of his pieces see daily use in my own kitchen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

eat your heart out, Imelda Marcos

Here's the latest crop of Fairy shoes...

It just occurred to me today that if my feet were only this tiny, I could have as many shoes as I'd like!

These little shoes and more will be in my booth this weekend at the Wild Arts Festival 
stop by and check it out, it's a benefit for
 the Portland Audubon Society.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

trinity artisan invitational

This is a great little show at a lovely venue at Trinity Cathedral in Northwest Portland. 
I'll be there all weekend with new, one of a kind fairy dresses and shoes.
For more information, click here.