Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Summer Classes

This summer we've got some really fun projects guaranteed to get your artistic juices up and running!
To register and pay for classes via our secure server on PayPal, simply choose the number of spaces you'd like to reserve and click on the "add to cart" button.
 If you'd like to reserve a space and pay in person, email Jane at: campcactusmail{at}yahoo{dot}com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with your registration information. 
Happy summer!

 Doodlefest:  Line & Color 
Join us for the latest in a series of classes dedicated to jumpstarting the creative spirit.
Studies have shown that doodling and noodling around not only helps stimulate the creative juices, but it has also been found to improve concentration, listening and recall skills.
No drawing experience required. All materials provided.

Monday, June 27th       1 - 3 pm               cost:  $25
Ages 5-up    •     Class size is limited   •   Preregistration required

(Registration for this class is now closed)

A Five Day Printmaking and Cooking Camp for Kids
I'm pleased to announce I've talked my sister, aka Chef Kathy Russell (a well known teacher from Berkeley Public Schools' Cooking and Gardening program) into collaborating with me on a very special camp this summer. 
This all-day blended curriculum will combine fine and culinary arts to create masterpieces for both the eye and the belly.

The cooking section will include basic culinary techniques, knife skills and nutritional guidance
taught in a fun and informative way, using mostly local fresh produce (kids will also get to harvest foods fresh from the organic garden beds at Camp Cactus). Even picky eaters will enjoy preparing nutritious and delicious meals and snacks to share. Sample menus may include Mexican chicken or vegetable soup, refried beans, homemade tortillas, guacamole, and watermelon agua fresca; peach cobbler,  fruit hand pies, homemade ice cream sandwiches, and more...
Chef Kathy's motto is "If they cook it, they will eat it".

The fine art section will focus on printmaking and fiber arts. Students will begin by making handmade, recycled paper and will learn various forms of printmaking, from vegetable stamps, to carved block prints, culminating with a beautiful hand-bound book.

Each student will spend ½ their day in the kitchen, and ½ their day in the studio.

All materials, healthy lunches and snacks provided.

Mon - Fri,  July 11th - 15th       10 am  - 4 pm                     cost: $285
Ages 7 - 14  •  Class size is limited to 10 students 
Preregistration required by Saturday, July 9th
(Registration for this class is now closed)


Adult Paper & Printmaking Workshop
Join us for an all-day retreat where we'll first make paper from scratch, and then explore the fundamentals of printmaking. Six hours of instruction will cover block prints, stamps, monoprints and simple binding techniques. Included in tuition are a basic linoleum carving set, carving blocks, a gourmet lunch and delicious snacks.

Saturday, July 16th           9 am - 4 pm                                 cost: $200
Adults  •  Class size limited to 8 students
(Registration for this class is now closed)

* * *  August is Fairy month!  * * *

Annual Hollywood Fairy House Tour
Get ready for the Fifth Annual Hollywood Fairy House Tour!
Join us on Saturday, August 6th for a fun guided tour of quaint and magical homes located in the neighborhood surrounding the studio.  Once again, the Fairies have been busy building in front yards, trees and under bushes all over Hollywood, and we'll supply you with a map and stories about the Fairy families who live in these homes.We'll start out at Camp Cactus Studio, and walk around the neighborhood, ending up back at Camp Cactus for a snack. I hope you can join us for this very special and magical event.  If we're lucky, we may even see a Fairy or two!   
 The tour is open to all ages, but you must be able to walk a fair distance (about a mile in all).  

Saturday, August 6th  10am-noon                      cost: $20
All ages. 
Please note: Children under 6 are free, 
but must be accompanied by a paying adult. 
Meet at Camp Cactus Studio, 4458 NE Brazee. The tour will begin at 10:15. See you there!

(Registration for this tour is now closed)

Fantastical Fairy Architecture
Along with our imagination, we'll use natural, recycled and found materials to design and build tiny dwellings for those magical beings who live all around us.  Feel free to bring materials from your own garden, such as pine cones, acorns, pebbles and seed pods. We'll provide ample building materials for everyone. This 3-hour class is open to everyone ages 7-100

Monday, August 8th     1 - 4 pm                       cost: $35 
Ages 7- adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required
Number of students attending

Fairy Homes and Gardens 
Let's plant a little fairy garden! First, we'll design and plant a tiny landscape, then we'll build structures, like fairy benches, bridges and swings to entice the fairies to move in!  

All materials and plants provided.

Tuesday, August 9th     10 - 12 pm                       cost: $30
Ages 6- up  •  Class size is limited  
Preregistration required by Thursday, August 4th
(This class is now closed) 

Fanciful Fairy Furniture
Fanciful Fairy Furniture....say that three times, fast!Come over to the studio and make tiny little rustic chairs, tables, beds and other things to furnish your Fairy house (it also makes a sweet display on a shelf). We'll show you how to put together twigs, moss and leaves to create truly fanciful little pieces that will tickle your imagination and make you smile every time you look at them!

Tuesday, August 9th    1 - 3 pm                       cost: $25
Ages 7- up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required
(This class is now closed)  

Painting Aboriginal Art:
Symbols and Stories
Learn about dreamtime and walkabouts, and how the native people of Australia use symbols and paintings to tell the story of the world around them. We'll paint our own dream images and stories on canvas using aboriginal art techniques.
Canvas and paint provided.

Monday, August 15th     1-4 pm                     cost: $35
Ages 6 - up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

(This class is now closed)