Wednesday, December 19, 2012

let it snow!

This afternoon we had a fantastic group
 of young artists join us in the studio
to build a snow village.
They were incredibly prolific, 
 and churned out house after house...

 a whole neighborhood of tiny houses,
 each one a unique expression of its architect.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

classes to get you in the holiday spirit!

Build a Snow Village
Remember those little paper or cardboard houses from long ago? Here’s your chance to build your own miniature village to display on a shelf or mantle. A fun way to jump start your holiday decorating! This is also a great project for parents and children to build together.  Adults accompanying a child are free. All materials provided.

Date Change! Wednesday, December 19th 1-4 pm      $30
Ages 7 - adult • Class size is limited • Preregistration required
to register, call (503) 347-2319 or send us an email:

*      *      *      *      *      *      *
New!  Craft night for grownups
Come on by the studio and have some fun crafting ornaments for your holiday decorating.
We'll have hot cider, wine and goodies to nibble, christmas tunes and fun conversation.
All materials provided, just bring your holiday cheer!
Date change! Wednesday, December 19th  7-9:30 pm                    $25

Adult • Class size is limited • Preregistration required by Monday, Dec. 17
To register, call (503) 347-2319

*      *      *      *      *      *      *
Flowers for your table: Holiday Centerpieces
Just in time for holiday entertaining! Design a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table. We’ll show you the basics of construction, teach you how to extend the life of cut flowers, and provide a selection of long-lasting flowers and greens as well as unique vessels for your creations.

Friday, December 21st  7-9 pm                     $50
Adult • Class size is limited • Preregistration required by Monday, Dec. 17
To register, call (503) 347-2319

Sunday, December 2, 2012

happy december!

The 20th annual Holiday Sale is in its last art has been arriving all day!
 Hand blown glass
the knucklehead pups may not be art, but they are certainly entertaining
 Gretchen Boylan still has a few pieces left...
 Judee Moonbeam's fabulous bags
 gorgeous earrings by Lori Presthus
 Malas by Michele Avanti
 Matt Brown's photography
 Rachael Ramos
...and more Joy!

Camp Cactus Holiday Sale
4458 NE Brazee
in Portland
Open Sunday Dec. 2  •  10 - 6
See you there!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

all kinds of wonderful stuff!

Our 20th anniversary sale is happening this weekend in the studio, and we'll have lots of cool handmade stuff by local artists. Here are the details:
 Camp Cactus Holiday Sale
 Friday, November 30th   •   6:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 1st & 2nd
10:00am - 6:00pm
You can find us here:
4458 NE Brazee, between NE 44th & 45th Avenues
in Portland's Hollywood district
Stop by and say hello...
In the meantime, here's a random sample of what we'll have to offer:
Functional ceramic bowls, vases and pitchers in cheery retro colors by potter Darris Dietz.
Fused glass plates and jewelry by the wonderfully talented Kelly Boverman.
Tiny succulent gardens by Jan Behrs.
Wacky fleece owl hats by yours truly.
Remember, this is just a random sample...there's so much more!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

accessories galore!

We're happy to have the opportunity to showcase some cool accessories this season.
First up is Tamara King, whose gorgeous and hip color and print combinations make me want to run directly to the nearest fabric store and start hoarding colorful cottons...then I remind myself that I don't have to -  I can just buy from Tamara and she can supply me with my fix!
 Such happy colors!

 I want one of each of these little pouches!
 The linings are as cool as the outsides, don't you think?
Camp Cactus Holiday Sale hours:
Opening Night:
Friday, November 30  •  6:00 - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 1 & 2:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
The studio is located on NE Brazee Ave. between NE 44th an 45th avenue

Saturday, November 24, 2012

our fantastic artists!

The Camp Cactus Holiday Sale is coming up! Next Friday Saturday and Sunday will see the studio transformed into a fantastic gallery and shop, where all sorts of art and gorgeous crafts will be represented. Feel free to visit some of our artists' websites:
Ambiente Art Glass - fused glass 
Alex Wijnen - illustration, prints & calendars
Robert M. Huff - photography
Carol Sands - paintings and cards
Dan Ennis - ceramics
Elisabeth Cook Sullivan - ceramic sculpture
Holly Hestand - jewelry
Jan Behrs - windowsill gardens
Moonbeam Glassworks - fused glass ornaments
Lori Presthus - fine art prints & jewelry
Judee Moonbeam - wearable art and accessories
Tiffany Williams - jewelry
Susan Hurst - leather accessories
Many of our artists don't have websites, so I'll be featuring everyone here in the next few stop back by and check them out. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

it's time to celebrate!

I can hardly believe it, but it's already been twenty years since we started this.
It all began when my family moved to Portland from San Francisco in 1991.  That first autumn, I noticed there were lots of "holiday bazaars" held in private homes all over my neighborhood. I had never seen anything like it before, and though the taste level ranged from 1950s-era crocheted toilet paper covers to much more sophisticated fine art and craft pieces you might find in a gallery setting, these homey craft shows were really the precursors to today's pop-up shops. It sure sparked my entrepreneurial spirit, and in October of 1992 I decided to give it a try at our house.

I wrangled a few creative friends, cleared out the first floor of the house and we set up a temporary shop, complete with hot cider and cookies to make our shoppers happy. I wish I had photos of that first sale, but after spending an hour on my knees looking through old photos, I gave up, poured myself a glass of wine and decided to recount the tale without pictures.

I did find my records from the first sale, though...we sold hand painted ornaments, the first Santa dolls I ever made, painted wooden bowls, birdhouses and lots of goofy crafts that were popular back then.
This year, we have a host of amazing local artists making everything from blown glass to wearable art.
I draw the line, however, at crocheted toilet paper covers.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

come see me here next weekend!

(click on the image to enlarge)

I'll be at this show next weekend in Portland,
along with 80 other women artists.
It's a fabulous event, now in its 45th year!
 Check out the list of artists here:
Come on by and see my fall line of tiny clothes
for the discriminating Fairy Fashionista!

Friday, August 10, 2012

august classes

Late summer classes at Camp Cactus!

Walking Tour of Hollywood Fairy Houses

Did you know the Hollywood neighborhood is a hotbed of Fairy homebuilding? It's true! Tiny Fairy dwellings are popping up all over the neighborhood these days, and we'll take you on a guided tour, pointing out the most beautiful and secret architecture you've ever seen! You'll get a cool map upon which you can mark the locations of these fantastical homes so you can come back for a visit with your friends.
The tour will start out at Camp Cactus Studio and we'll walk for a bit, pointing out secret Fairy dwellings as we make our way to Grant Park, where we'll stop for a break and a snack. We'll end up back at Camp Cactus, where we'll look at pictures and books with photos of Fairy buildings from all over the world.
The tour is open to ages 6 and up, but you must be able to walk a fair distance (about a mile in all). Children under six are free with an accompanying (paying) adult.

Friday, August 17th     2-4 pm            $25
Ages 6 and up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

This class is now closed. It was a lovely walk, and we discovered several new Fairy houses that were not even on the map! Keep your eyes never know where or when you'll come upon these magical structures!

Fantastical Fairy Architecture

Along with our imagination, we'll use natural, recycled and found materials to design and build tiny dwellings for those magical beings who live all around us. Feel free to bring materials from your own garden, such as pinecones, acorns or seed pods.
We'll provide ample building materials for everyone.
This three-hour class is open to everyone ages 7-107.

Friday, August 24th     1-4 pm    $35
Ages 7-107 • class size is limited • Preregistration required
This class is now closed. 

Fanciful Fairy Furniture
Come to the studio and use twigs and moss and leaves and flowers to build a tiny chair or bed or table (or whatever else you might be inspired to create to furnish a Fairy house or garden).
Set your imagination free and let it fly!
All materials provided, but feel free to bring your own materials for embellishments. like acorns, moss and leaves from your garden.

This class is now closed.

Intro to Life Drawing

Have fun drawing a live, costumed model. We'll learn a few simple ways to capture the essence of the figure by concentrating on gestural lines and quick sketches. All materials provided.

Saturday, August 25th    2-4 pm    $25
Ages 8 - 14  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Sorry! This class has been canceled.

You can click on the "add to cart" button below each class to register and pay online, or email Jane for a registration form: campcactusmail{at}

Saturday, June 9, 2012

last day for the summer sale!

The Summer Sale is in full swing at Camp Cactus Studio!
The place was hopping' Friday night for the party, but there is still plenty of great stuff left! Stop by and purchase art and crafts from local artists and keep your money in the neighborhood...and thanks from all of us for your encouragement and support!

We'll be open for one more day:
 Sunday, June 10th from 10 am - 6pm
Camp Cactus Summer Sale
4458 NE Brazee between 44th and 45th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

portland artists: putting birds on things since the beginning of time

Yeah, I know. Thanks to the TV show Portlandia, the art scene around here has become the butt of a lot of jokes...but there's no denying that Oregonians like nature, and birds are a big part of nature, so it stands to reason that nature-lovin' Portland artists would paint them, photograph them, wear them and sculpt them...
These cute little wooden signs are made with repurposed red oak parquet flooring and the birds and letters are cut from old pulp fiction paperbacks.
What could be more Portland than recycled art with birds on it?

In fact, the studio is practically overrun with little ceramic birds like these chickadees by
and a couple of curious baby owls by Michelle Gallagher
Here's a beautiful birdie necklace 
by artist Gretchen Boylan...
and another from jeweler Holly Hestand 
Tonight is our preview evening and artist's reception, so come on by and meet many of our talented artists and learn about their work!
Click on the Summer Sale image in the sidebar to the left for a map to the studio.