Thursday, July 28, 2011

fabulous fairy footwear this saturday

Come join us in the studio on Saturday, where we'll be designing and sewing our own custom fairy footwear.
All materials will be provided, and no previous sewing skills are necessary! We'll teach you how to draft a custom pattern and use embroidery techniques to embellish a pair of beautiful slippers that make sweet fairy music as you walk!
Ages 6 to adult  •  Class size is limited
Sorry, this class is closed

phone: 503.347.2319
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Friday, July 1, 2011

summer classes

Happy July! The weather's warming up, the sun is finally out, and I'm looking forward to teaching some fun classes for all ages this summer:

New!  Summer Drawing Workshops for Adults
Explore various materials and techniques in these ongoing weekly workshops with interesting exercises designed stimulate your creative juices. Join us as we mess around with a new material and technique each week. From block prints to watercolors, we'll cover the basics to give you a feel for each medium! These classes are open to all levels and experience. Bring an 11 x 14" spiral-bound sketchbook to first class.

Tuesdays, July 12 - August 16          7-9 pm        $25 
Ages 14 - adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Tuesday, July 12: Charcoal, chalk & the figure  (Sorry, class closed)

Tuesday, July 19: Block prints  Sorry! This  session is closed.
Tuesday, July 26: Pen and ink techniques  Sorry! This  session is closed.
The following dates are still open:
Tuesday, August 2:    $25 Pencil techniques  7-9 pm  Sorry! This  session is closed.
Tuesday, August 9: Exploring watercolor  7-9 pm   $25  Sorry! This  session is closed.
Tuesday, August 16: Scratchboard  7-9 pm   $25   Sorry! This  session is closed.

All-ages Drawing Workshop
An open studio where kids of all ages can come and draw to their heart's content in a supportive, non-critical environment.
Artists are free to choose from a variety of materials such as charcoal, graphite, ink, crayon, pastels, markers and colored pencils; and draw from imagination or various visual sources such as photographs and still life. All materials provided.
Saturday, August 6    1-3 pm         $25 Sorry! This  session is closed.
Ages 6 - Adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required 

New! Fabulous Fairy Footwear
Make your very own designer Fairy or Elf shoes. We'll draft a custom-sized pattern and sew and embellish with threads and buttons and ribbons and magic. No prior sewing experience necessary. All materials provided.
Friday, July 8     2-4 pm       $25     Sorry! This  session is closed.
Added session:  Saturday, July 30    1-3 pm         $25    Sorry! This  session is closed.
Ages 6 and up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Design Your Own Prayer Flags
In this class, we'll learn a bit about the Tibetan custom of hanging colorful flags containing mantras and prayers to promote peace and other messages, which are said to be carried on the wind and spread throughout the world. We'll design and assemble our own interpretations of these flags using stamps, paints, stencils and inks. All materials included.
Friday, July 15    2-4 pm      $25   Sorry! This session is closed.
Ages 6 - adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required
New! Intro to Life Drawing
Have fun drawing a live, costumed model. We'll learn a few simple ways to capture the essence of the figure by concentrating on gestural lines and quick sketches. All materials provided.
Friday, July 22    2-4 pm               $25  (+ $5 model fee)      Sorry! This session is closed.
Ages 8 and up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Fantastical Fairy Architecture
Along with our imagination, we’ll use natural, recycled and found materials to design and build tiny dwellings for those magical beings who live all around us. Feel free to bring materials from your own garden, such as pinecones, acorns or seed pods.
We’ll provide ample building materials for everyone.
This 3-hour class is open to everyone ages 7-100.
Saturday, July 23  1-4 pm          $35    Sorry! This session is closed.
Ages 7 - 100  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Handmade Recycled Paper 
Explore the art of making recycled paper outdoors on the patio.
We'll make cool papers embellished with dried flowers, leaves and other natural materials. Prepare to get a little's a messy process!
Friday, July 29    2-4 pm             $25   Sorry! This session is closed.
Ages 6 - adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Fanciful Fairy Furniture
Come and use twigs and moss and leaves and flowers to build a tiny chair or a bed or table (or whatever else you might be inspired to create to furnish a fairy house or garden).
Set your imagination free and let it fly!
All materials provided, but feel free to bring your own materials for embellishments, like acorns and moss and leaves from your garden.
Friday, August 5  2-4 pm          $25    Sorry! This  session is closed.
Ages 7 - 100  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Camp Cactus Studio is located at 4458 NE Brazee, between 44th and 45th Avenues in Portland
Click here for a map to the studio
Questions? You can contact us by email: campcactusmail{at}