Saturday, August 30, 2008

Calling all Artists!

Camp Cactus needs your art!

We've just set the dates for this year's Holiday Sale, and you're invited to send us photos of your work for consideration...

A Portland tradition now in it's 15th or 16th year (I've lost track, to tell you the truth!), this cozy little studio in Portland's Hollywood district is transformed into a small shop/gallery to showcase and sell the art and crafts of local artists on consignment. In the past, artists have offered ceramics, paintings, toys, mosaics, jewelry, pet stuff, paintings, photography, handmade Santas, fairies, books, ornaments, and more beautiful things than I have room to mention here!

Here are the dates for our 2008 Holiday Sale:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
December 5th, 6th & 7th

Deadline for application: Wednesday, September 24th

Commission on sales: 25%
5% of all commissions go to Oregon Food Bank.

We're looking for original work, handmade by artists who love their craft.
If this describes you, drop us an email at:
campcactusmail {at} yahoo {dot} com
and we'll send you all the details.