Friday, May 29, 2009

work in progress

Today I'm working on a couple of signs for our friends over at Doggy Business. Getting back to work again during the remodel has been a challenge, but I'm finally getting organized again (Even though it's not quite finished). For a while there, I had no idea where everything was. I tried to be organized when I temporarily moved into the basement, but when faced with the overwhelming task of coordinating so much stuff, I just kind of threw up my hands after awhile and figured I'd remember where I put the paintbrushes.  And I did, eventually!

signs in progress

I found the paintbrushes!

16 drawers of blissful organization

and labels!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sneak peek

What's happening in the studio this weekend:

I've been doing flower arrangements for our friends 
Doug and Melissa over at Brick House Vineyards
They're having a big wine tasting weekend along with many other
 Willamette Valley wineries.

I love it when the studio is full of flowers. 
They fill it with such life and color!

Here are a few of the tablescapes we created 
when Matt and I delivered the flowers on Friday.

I like to work with vegetables and fruits and lots of natural materials, like bird's nests and whatever wild things I can find to add in the mix...Melissa said that people are always asking if they can eat the displays! This time, we had little pots of herbs and baby lettuces,
 along with soft, fuzzy apricots and beautiful Bartlett pears. 

Have a wonderful weekend!