Wednesday, May 26, 2010

catching up

Before I forget, here are some highlights from the last couple of shows I've been in...

This is our "fairy" tent at the Alberta Art was very swanky in a rustic sort of way. We even had a cushy old wool rug to cover up the asphalt and make everyone feel comfy. Every little kid (and dog) who wandered in wanted to lie down on it and take a nap.

Gretchen made sure she got a hug from this one before he plopped down on the rug in the shade.

The street was crowded, and even though the sales were sluggish, the people watching was excellent.

And despite the fact that we didn't make the big bucks we were hoping for, it turned out to be a very enjoyable day.

Here's a group shot of my fellow artists from the Art Over Macleay Park show last weekend:

(photo courtesy of Kris Zorko)
Once we started in on the margaritas I almost forgot I even had a camera!

One of Liz Sullivan's political sculptures...does that face look vaguely familiar?
Here's another one...can you name all the seven evil dwarves?

Okay, last many people do you know who have a seven foot giraffe in their dining room?

Everyone I know is doing their part to Keep Portland Weird.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

art over macleay park

I'm in yet another show this weekend...but this one is really sweet. It's located in a cozy little Victorian cottage perched high in the trees above Macleay Park in NW Portland.
Come on by and check out the art by some very distinctive NW artists:

Elisabeth Cook Sullivan - ceramic birdhouses, animal art and unique prayer flags
Roberta Palmer - realistic concrete leaves and garden art
Judee Moonbeam - colorful wearable art and accessories
Holly Hestand - contemporary jewelry
Missy Lambert - stained glass mosaics
Judy Lane Green - woven baskets
Kris Zorko - paper arts and journals
Nosivad Fine Art- fine sculpture for home and garden
(and me) Jane Russell- fairy couture

We'll be serving up wine and nibbles...come and stroll the garden and take in the fine art and forest views...
Click here for more details. Or click here for a map!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

open space!

On Monday, I finally moved on to the next phase
of the endless studio remodel...

Matt and Dave helped me take out the divider in the center of the room, and voila... we have open space!

And by Monday night, I had students drawing self portraits!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Art on Alberta

Hey! Come see me, along with my good friend Gretchen Boylan, at the 11th Annual Alberta Art here for all the details.
The weather promises to be fabulous, the street will be closed to traffic between 11 am and 6 pm, and there will be lots of entertainment on multiple stages and hundreds of artists and craftspeople there.

I've been busy making so many of these one of a kind, teeny tiny fairy shoes and dresses, I think my eyesight is beginning to go!

And Gretchen will have magical jewelry and assemblages like this:

So come and see us, we're be on NE Alberta Street between 19th and 20th Avenue, on the south side of the street, booth number 08!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tumbo the Garden Fairy is featured in an etsy treasury!

Tumbo the garden fairy is a native of Peru, sent to keep watch over tender tropical plants in the garden. The peaceful strains of his pan pipes can be heard in the early morning hours, as he gently awakens the other garden denizens to help him greet each new day.

A one of a kind, signed and dated sculpture, Tumbo is sculpted of polymer clay over a wire armature. Sitting atop a stump of pacific madrone, he wears a knit sweater and leggings, and a real acorn cap atop his snowy-white head of hair. His green wings are of hand-painted feathers, and he plays tiny bamboo pan pipes.

Check him out here!