Sunday, November 28, 2010

holiday sale 2010

The Camp Cactus Holiday Sale is next weekend! We'll have lots of cool stuff, all of it handmade by local artists.

Preview Evening: Friday, December 3rd • 6 - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 4th & 5th • 10am - 6pm

NE Brazee @ 45th Avenue in Portland

Stay tuned for a preview of some wonderful art!


  1. Jane
    I am sorry I will miss the sale, but I'd like you to know that Princess Snowflake's dress has found a happy home in my pink office surrounded by little tiny miniature sushi plates, stuffed "flying" birds, 2 real Indonesian spice finches, and two pertpetually napping hounds. Thanks so much for making such beautiful, fantastical things for our friends the fairies!

  2. With her dress surrounded by so much cool stuff (especially the sushi) I wouldn't be surprised if Princess Snowflake felt compelled to pay you a visit someday! Cheers, Jane


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