Monday, June 8, 2009

no need to panic

The Summer Sale is coming up this Friday, and I'm trying not to panic. Somehow, I'd forgotten that all my signs were stolen during last December's sale. My hand-painted signs that I've had for years. Yikes.
I'm currently awaiting a call back from two sign companies for some quickie printed plastic ones. 
In the meantime, here are some images of work by the talented group of artists I have yet to list in the sidebar. (I AM NOT panicking!)

magic marble 8 ball, by Megan Klepp

Artist Megan Klepp makes amazing mosaics with found objects like bowling balls and marbles and tile. You can see more of her work and a schedule of classes at her website, TaDah!

chicken pendants by Papaver Jewelry

My friend Maggie Kearns over at Papaver Jewelry makes very cool accessories and ornaments and doodads from a variety of materials. Her newest work involves felting, and metal, but she also works with fused glass, bottlecaps and scrabble tiles. Maggie's also an urban farmer and a  blogger! You can read about her little homestead and all her livestock (chickens and ducks and dogs and cats and her boyfriend Brandon, and their new truck) here.

felted polka dot earrings by Papaver Jewelry

Ok, I've gotta go now before I hyperventilate... Stay tuned for more artists later!


  1. Breathe in... breathe out... [repeat as necessary]

    And if that doesn't do it, come chill out with the Leap People

    --better yet, I'll bring them to you! (Tuesday)

  2. hey! those pictures are way better for the blog than the ones i was going to send you! I am happy now that my email wouldn't go through.


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