Friday, October 1, 2010

new fairy dresses!

Here's a little sneak preview of a top secret project I've been working on for a few months now.

I'm hoping to complete it by next spring or summer.

I'll keep you posted...
In the meantime, these little Fairy Dresses will be available for sale very soon!


  1. Tres chic! The fairies will be battling each other for these!

  2. Beautiful work Jane.

    Your courses look wonderful but a little too far for me unfortunately!

    What a great way to spend the afternoon - making fairy furniture.

  3. People love your work. Would love a white wedding dress or anything else you have. Any of our flower petal are all yours. Come over for tea sometime. Bud at Ainsworth House and Gardens

  4. I've looked at every post after this one because I'm dying to see the finished top secret project, but I can't find a follow-up at all. Any chance of updating this?


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