Thursday, February 26, 2009

fairy couture

Quite a few fairies have dropped in to the studio lately, and a few of them asked if I'd design them some new outfits. It seems there's a Spring Fairy Festival up on Mt. Hood very soon, near the tiny town of Rhododendron, and needless to say, the local fairies are quite excited to show off the neighborhood to fairies from around the planet.

I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes. I have a show coming up in two weeks, and I need to keep working on my inventory.  Plus my studio is all torn up at the moment, so I'm working in the basement. (More on that soon) 
Anyway, I'm beginning to suspect a fairy spell has come over me, because all I can think about lately is fairy couture!

Little piles of leaves and fairy ephemera have been appearing on my doorstep, and every time I go for a walk with the pups I come back with my pockets full of stuff.

Here's is the first piece I designed. It's a little sundress for Imelda, a garden fairy.  The skirt and bodice are of preserved sessile oak leaves, with a scalloped, asymmetrical hemline and crossed straps of miscanthus sinesis (a grass).  The waist is accentuated with a bamboo belt embellished with a rosehip and hop petal clasp. (Wait till you see her shoes!)

The next piece is a sweet and saucy little number with a swingy, swirly oak leaf skirt trimmed at the waist with a ruffle of blue hydrangea petals. The translucent birch bark bustier is embellished in just the right places with hydrangea petals. It will be worn by Willow, a forest fairy, who loves to dance in the woods.

Check back tomorrow to see what I came up with for Buttercup, the Meadow Fairy!


  1. Jane: These are magnificent!!!

  2. The asymmetrical hemline and rose hip and hop belt are inspired! Let me know if they are looking for a photographer for their event.

  3. "Girls! Come here!"

    I'm calling my girls to come look at these. I can almost guarantee that they will soon be making them, too, and I'll find tiny shirts and slips lying around the house.

    You need to photograph these a million ways and make prints. They are fantastic.


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