Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more fairy fashion!

Here's a gown created for Morgana, a Forest fairy. The skirt is composed of pheasant feathers, with a bodice of American Beech leaves and a waistline encircled with red raffia and 
peris japonica blossoms.

Just in case you think the boy fairies aren't interested in's a suit designed specially for Padraic, an Irish Hill fairy who loves to show off his fancy footwork at 
those moonlight River Dances.

And last, but not least, here are Imelda's favorite shoes: (much larger than actual size)

See you at the Fairy Gathering!


  1. Smedley: "That is so cool! How did you make all those?"

    Sparky: "Tell the fairies to watch out for the leprechauns tomorrow!"

    Laurie: "Do those shoes come in my size? Fantastic designs, Miss Cactus!"

  2. Smedley: I make them with leaves and seeds and nutshells and feathers and magic.

    Sparky: Don't worry. The leprechauns and the fairies have an understanding!

    Laurie: I could see you chasing cows in those shoes!

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, and did I mention? You've been SLIM-JIM'd!

    May it bring you luck. :)

    -- Laurie

  4. These are the most gorgeous works of art I've ever seen. Simply gorgeous. They're so unique, not like other artwork which can be as common as slim jims.

  5. So beautiful and creative.
    Most fairies must be in really good shapes skinny like slim jims. :)

  6. Really thrilling to find this. So creative, inventive and playful....

    I think I shall munch on a slim jim while I take a look at the rest of your site as well...

    Simply delicious! (You AND the slim jim)

    See what I did there?
    YOu can thank Foolery for this foolishness...

  7. But what about Slim Jim, the sprite? You know, the one who slips through locks and under doors to open the way for the rest of the Fay? He's such a slender fellow, our Jim, and useful, too, especially when we've forgot our keys! He needs something durable, easy to clean, and, of course, stylish.

    Lovely wee things you've made for the little folk...I'll wager your home is blessed by only the best of the lot - no tricksters here!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  8. Neat stuff ... (Some lucky Imp may just rejoice in merriment!)

  9. I wonder if any of these beautiful creations would fit on my pet slim jim?

  10. I'll just say you've been called recommended reading. Beautiful fairy outfits, I'd have to be quite the slim jim to fit them ;)


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