Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here's a preview of who's going to be fluttering their wings on the fairy red carpet. They've been waiting patiently for their turn in the Camp Cactus photo studio. 

This Is Ginko, a Garden Fairy from Japan. You can meet her and read her bio here in the Camp Cactus Esty shop, where photos will also be available on Friday for her fans.

Here's Calendula, a Flower Fairy from Australia. She'll also be appearing in the shop with Ginko and the others. Stop by and say G'day!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some troublesome Fairies who are currently incarcerated...

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  1. Of course I am new to the fairy-strata and gatherings, but has anyone told Ginko that the rest of the gala crowd will be dressed in feathers and leaves?


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