Thursday, March 26, 2009

knee deep in fairies!

Holy moley, it's been a busy french doors for the studio,  (I promise to fill you in soon on the remodel) fairies buzzing around everywhere, and somehow I've misplaced my brain. Help!

Anyway, here are some new fairies that were dropped on my doorstep in the past several days. It seems they've been misbehaving a bit, so they're being temporarily incarcerated. They'll be appearing in the Camp Cactus etsy shop until they've finished doing their time.

Here's Pinky, a Garden Fairy captured by a little girl in her grandma's garden...Evidently, Pinky was unmercifully tickling a bumblebee and didn't notice the child sneaking up on her.

Next up is Doug Fir, a Forest Fairy who was captured in the woods in Oregon. He was getting a little carried away throwing fir cones at hikers. Doug's official job is to defend the stately old trees from invasive species, but sometimes he gets a little confused...

And finally, we have Viola. She's a Flower Fairy captured in a perennial bed as she was sternly lecturing the hummingbirds on garden etiquette. An irate gardener thought she was harassing the birds and confined her to this lantern, where she lectures everyone who will listen!

Stop by the etsy shop and adopt one of these fairy delinquents, won't you please?


  1. These are great! I'm particularly fond of Viola. She reminds me of my gramma (rest her soul), if she'd just worn butterfly wings and went barefoot. :)


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