Thursday, November 13, 2008

fall fairy tales

Yesterday afternoon a fall rainstorm swooped in, the wind sweeping big wet drops against the windows and blowing rain in through the open studio door where Abbie stood motionless, staring out into the yard.

I glanced over at her, wondering what she was looking at so intently. The rain was coming in and the rug was getting soaked. As I got up to close the door, a small fluttery movement just in front of the doorway caught my eye. I thought at first it was a hummingbird...(the red-headed kind called Anna's Hummingbird) it was buzzing just above Abbie's head, and getting blown around by the wind. But something about it was a little off. It was flying erratically, even for a hummingbird. I was pretty unprepared for what came next.

The thing whizzed past Abbie's nose and flew straight in the door, bounced off a wall, and landed in a soggy heap on my workbench. As I walked over to investigate, it picked itself up and shook off, splashing water all over the project I was working on. "Sheesh!" I muttered to myself, thinking now I'd have to try and catch the freaked out little bird before it killed itself trying to get back outside. Its back was turned, and as I reached for it, it spun around and I suddenly realized it wasn't a bird at all, but a pissed off, dripping little red headed fairy. Hands on her hips, she sputtered "Well, if that ain't the bee's knees! The least a human could do is offer a fairy a towel before she tosses her back into the cold!"

My vocal chords didn't seem to be functioning at this point, so I handed her a kleenex.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow...

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