Sunday, November 29, 2009

ceramic artists

We'll be representing five ceramic artists this time around, all amazingly talented, and all as earthy as the material they work with!
Penelope St. Claire, a longtime potter and teacher (I've had the privilege of working with Penny at Grace Art Camp for many summers). Her functional hand thrown platters, bowls, plates and plaques are imbued with her boundless energy and enthusiasm for art and beauty.

Elisabeth Cook Sullivan, whose whimsical animal teapots, cups and bowls can make even the most mundane tea drinker into a party animal...

Liz puts on a show at her home as well: Art Over Macleay Park, happening December 5th and 6th in Southwest Portland.

These photos don't do Marla Munnich's earthy, folk art-inspired pieces justice, so you'll just have to stop by and see them for yourself!

Also returning this year is Darris Dietz, a potter best known for his colorful, sturdy, and incredibly practical bowls and vessels. Darris has been a fixture at Camp Cactus sales for years, and many of his pieces see daily use in my own kitchen.

And ceramic artist Dan Ennis will be here too. Dan is widely known around these parts for his quirky garden faces and fanciful tiles that can be seen hanging on fences and front porches throughout the Portland area.

See you next weekend!

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