Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Classes 2017

Summer Solstice Prayer Flags  
The Summer Solstice is happening on Tuesday, June 20th this year, and what better way to celebrate than by making a set of special prayer flags to send good wishes, hope and love out to our troubled world?

Let's embrace the Tibetan custom of hanging colorful flags containing special mantras, prayers and images to promote peace and other messages, which are said to be carried on the wind and spread throughout the planet.

We'll have one all-ages class in the afternoon, or join us for an adults-only evening class, where we'll cap off the evening with a toast to summer and sip a refreshing aperitivo I fell in love with on my recent trip to Italy! (a non alcoholic version will also be provided)

Tuesday afternoon, June 20th       2 - 4 pm       cost: $30

Sorry, this class is now closed 
Tuesday Evening, June 20th       7 - 9:30 pm      cost: $35
Sorry, this class is now closed  

Vegetable Prints  
Learn how to make and print patterns using materials found in any grocery store. We'll make beautiful stamps and use them to print stunning modern designs on fabric and paper. Paint, tools, cotton tea towels and various papers provided. Feel free to bring your own pre-washed cotton or linen fabrics to print on. Extra tea towels will be available for purchase during class.

Monday afternoon, June 26th       2 - 4 pm       cost: $35
Sorry, this class is now closed 
Ages 8 - adult • Class size limited to 8 • Preregistration required  


Painting the Masters: Vincent Van Gogh 
Continuing our Painting the Masters series, we'll learn about one of the most famous and infamous Post-Impressionists, Vincent Van Gogh. In this class, we'll explore some of Vincent's paintings and paint a starry night landscape in his style.   All materials provided.

Monday afternoon, July 10th      2 - 4 pm       cost: $30
Sorry, this class is now closed 
Ages 7 - adult • Class size limited to 8 • Preregistration required  

Hollywood Fairy House Tour 
Get ready for the Sixth Annual Hollywood Fairy House Tour!
Join us on Sunday afternoon, July 23rd for a fun guided tour of quaint and magical Fairy homes located in the neighborhood surrounding the studio.  Once again, the Fairies have been busy building in front yards, trees and under bushes all over the Hollywood and Grant Park neighborhoods, and we'll supply you with a map and stories about the Fairy families who live in these homes. We'll start out at Camp Cactus Studio, and walk around the neighborhood, ending up back at Camp Cactus for a snack. I hope you can join us for this very special and magical event.  If we're lucky, we may even see a Fairy or two!   
 The tour is open to all ages, but you must be able to walk a fair distance (about a mile in all).  
New this year:  We're donating all proceeds from this tour to help pay down the Portland Public Schools lunch debt. 

Sunday afternoon, July 23rd   1-3 pm            cost: $10          
All ages. 
Please note: Children under 6 are free, 
but must be accompanied by a paying adult. 
Meet at Camp Cactus Studio, 4458 NE Brazee. The tour will begin 15 minutes after the hour. See you there! 

Fanciful Fairy Furniture  
Fanciful Fairy Furniture....say that three times, fast! Come over to the studio and make tiny little rustic chairs, tables, beds and other things to furnish your Fairy house (it also makes a sweet display on a shelf). We'll show you how to put together twigs, moss and leaves to create truly fanciful little pieces that will tickle your imagination and make you smile every time you look at them! All materials provided.

Monday morning,  July 24th    10 - noon                       cost: $25
Sorry, this class is now closed 

Fantastical Fairy Architecture  
Along with our imagination, we'll use natural, recycled and found materials to design and build tiny dwellings for those magical beings who live all around us.  Feel free to bring materials from your own garden, such as pine cones, acorns, pebbles and seed pods. We'll provide ample building materials for everyone. This 3-hour class is open to everyone ages 7-100 

Monday afternoon, July 24th     1 - 4 pm                       cost: $35 
Ages 7- adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Sorry, this class is now closed 

Trash Monsters!  
We'll take all sorts of junk and figure out how to put it together to make some really cool 3-D mixed media monsters. This class is great for building visualization, planning, and creative problem solving skills. Also, it will be tons of fun! All materials provided.

Monday morning,  August 7th    10 - noon                       cost: $25
Ages 7 - up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Sorry, this class is now closed  

Cardboard Castles, Condos & Cities  
Get in touch with your inner architect! In this class, we'll recycle all sorts of boxes, packages, tubes and paper into lots of wacky, whimsical buildings of all shapes and sizes. All materials provided.
Monday afternoon,  August 7th    2 - 4 pm                       cost: $25
Ages 6 - up  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Sorry, this class is now closed 

Handmade Recycled Paper  
Explore the art of making recycled paper. We'll make our own pulp, and then create cool papers embellished with pressed flowers, leaves and other natural materials. Prepare to get's a messy process! All materials provided.
Monday morning,  August 14th    10 - noon                       cost: $25
Ages 6 - adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

number of students

Intro to Printmaking  
Learn how to carve a linoleum block or stamps. We'll go through the basics of drawing images and transferring them to blocks, then carving and printing our artwork. This is a great companion class to our handmade paper class, above. All materials provided.
Monday afternoon,  August 14th    1 - 4 pm                       cost: $35
Ages 8 - adult  •  Class size is limited  •  Preregistration required

Sorry, this class is now closed


A new series of classes to really get those creative juices flowing! These low key, two-hour workshops are a great way to experiment with different techniques and media in a stress-free way. Sign up for one class, or all four.
Classes are offered on Thursday evenings in August. Choose whichever dates fit your schedule.  Classes are $25 each, or 4 for $90.*
Click here to register

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